The Investment Environment

The financial sector is experiencing a turbulent time. Uncertainty has grown and even further changes are expected. Increasing pressure from regulators is heightening the need for greater flexibility, while at the same time questions are being posed about incentive structures for managers, the effectiveness of risk control models, the transparency of investment products, and the integrity and sustainability of customer service. Some market participants will suffer from these developments, while those who position themselves correctly will emerge from this restructuring period in a stronger position. The challenges for asset management are thus growing as new developments in the alternative investment sector and the increasing convergence between capital and insurance markets open up new opportunities.

Our Client Support

Our clients are looking for independent, specialized support for their activities in the financial sector. Together with our partners we offer interdisciplinary, international, highly qualified support. Our strength comes from a unique combination of strategic skills, operational knowledge and practical experience. Thanks to our independence, we are able to work in the best interest of our clients.